Southwest Contractors
19th Annual
2012 Trophy Cup
Trophy Cup
Race Results
October 20th, 2012

Trophy Cup 360 Sprints - Oct. 20th, 2012

Meyers Trophy Cup Champion by Ron Rodda

Tulare CA: Starting 23RD due to being the 2nd highest point car, Jason Meyers finished 2nd after 50 laps and won the Trophy Cup by accumulating the highest point total. Entering the finale, Meyers trailed Shane Stewart by six points and with a five point drop per position, needed to finish two places ahead of Stewart. From lap 10 until the end, Meyers had that needed cushion, one that reached 7 cars at one time. When Stewart was involved in a lap 35 incident, he restarted at the back and the only way Meyers was not going to win the title was if some issue struck the 21X entry. Once Stewart fell behind, there was no other driver with a reasonable chance of catching Meyers as long as no incident collected the Clovis driver. Meyers Final Point margin was 14, a relatively large gap compared to Trophy Cup results from past years. While Meyers was in control of the Cup for most of the 50 laps, the race for the win was an entirely different story. Completely inverted by points, having the top car start 24th means the first two rows are the B main transfers. Outside front row starter, Dominic Scelzi, drove way beyond his 16 years of age and minimum sprint car experience, thrilling the huge crowd with his top of the track and wall challenging run. Jonathan Allard chased Scelzi until finding the unforgiving Thunderbowl wall in turn one and Daryn Pittman took up the chase on lap 4. Pittman ran 2nd until overheating problems on lap 17 put Shane Golobic behind Scelzi. A lap later Tim Kaeding, driving with back pain after a heat race incident, took 3rd on the back stretch. The top trio remained unchanged until Golobic flipped off of the turn 4 wall and T. Kaeding was 2nd ahead of Jayme Barnes. Kaeding dropped out a lap later with handling problems and Meyers was now 3rd and 5 cars ahead of Stewart. Scelzi and Barnes ran a few furious laps in a great lead duel until a Barnes slider in turn 4 on lap 36 got him a brief one lap lead. Contact a lap later in turn 4 as they raced side by side led to Barnes falling back two spots and then dropping out, elevating Meyers to 2nd and Kyle Hirst into 3rd with 13 laps remaining. Hirst used a turn 4 slider to take 2nd from Meyers while Stewart struggled to come back from his trip to the back but trailed Meyers by 7 cars. On lap 42 Hirst raced under Scelzi into turn 3 and made what became the winning pass with the slider. A lap later Meyers moved into 2nd while Scelzi dropped back and Rico Abreu, the Friday winner, was now 3rd. The last 7 laps belonged to Hirst and he claimed the win. Meyers raced with Abreu for 2nd place honors and several attempts by Abreu came up just short and Meyers was 2nd over Abreu, Paul McMahan, and Roger Crockett. Stewart hustled back up to 6th after being 12th on lap 36, but the 3 cars between himself and Meyers was two more than Meyers needed to take the title. Heat race results moved the top 20 cars in total points directly to the A main. The evening started with a trio of D mains, moving the top 3 into the C main. Next up were six very tough heats as they are completely inverted by points from Friday. The six top point cars start 8th in the 10 lap races and Stewart, Meyers, Jac Haudenschild, and Abreu all finished 3rd for the best result. Heat points left the gap between them unchanged except Abreu was scored 6th when a muffler fell off during his heat, resulting in a DQ. Stephen Allard won the C main and was joined by Trevor Turnbull, Matt Peterson, and Brent Kaeding. The B main moved Jonathan Allard, Dominic Scelzi, Cory Eliason, and Greg DeCaires to the 50-lap finale. A race long battle for the final transfer spot had 5 cars racing together for the honor at one point. The track taking rubber during the B main caused tire wear concern for the 50 lapper, but a track prep session improved conditions and only the planned fuel stop was needed. Jason Meyers, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Southwest Contractors of Bakersfield, received $20,000 overall for his Trophy Cup championship. The 24-car field that took the green in the Saturday main also share the point fund that guarantees $2,000 minimum for overall Trophy Cup earnings. With 122 cars participating in the three nights at Tulare Thunderbowl Raceway, huge crowds, and the success of other activities connected to the Trophy Cup, the 19th annual event was memorable. The tentative dates for 2013 are October 17-19 with a Thursday nonwing night starting the event. Next Year's 20th Annual Trophy Cup will award the winged champion with a check for $50,000. There are 87 car owners that will receive priority entries next May. If all return their forms on time, the 2013 Cup will be full and no additional entries will be accepted.

D main 1
Jimmy Trulli, James Sweeney, Bobby McMahan, Brad Furr, Jeremy Chism, Geoffrey Strole, Nick Davis, Steve Dyer

D main 2
Jace Vander Weerd, Chase Johnson, D. J. Netto, Billy Butler, Koen Shaw, Roberto Kirby, Randy Price, Pat Harvey Jr., Jake Haulot

D main 3
Brent Kaeding, Kurt Nelson, Chad Hillier, Danielle Simpson, Garrett Netto, Steve Jaquith, Heath Duinkerken, Sam Wright

C main
Stephen Allard, Trevor Turnbull, Matt Peterson, Brent Kaeding, Trulli, Sweeney, B. McMahan, D. J. Netto, Vander Weerd, Nelson, Hillier, Johnson, Butler, Andy Ferris, Nick McColloch, Dylan Black

B main
Jonathan Allard, Dominic Scelzi, Cory Eliason, Greg DeCaires, Bud Kaeding, Jason Statler, S. Allard, Mark Dobmeier, Trey Starks, Kenny Allen, Cole Wood, Zach Zimmerly, Danny Faria Jr., Justyn Cox, Bud Kaeding, Brent Kaeding, Peterson, Turnbull, Mike Faria, Eric Humphries, Mike Henry, Mason Moore, Sam Hafertepe Jr., Andy Gregg

A main with starting position
Kyle Hirst (17), Jason Meyers (23), Rico Abreu (19), Paul McMahan (11), Roger Crockett (20), Shane Stewart (24), Daryn Pittman (5), Henry Van Dam (14), Greg DeCaires (4), Dominic Scelzi (2), Tommy Tarlton (9), Kraig Kinser (6), Craig Stidham (21), Willie Croft (7), Jayme Barnes (10), Jac Haudenschild (22), Tim Kaeding 13), Shane Golobic (8), Terry McCarl (16), Steven Tiner (15), Kyle Larson (12), Jonathan Allard (1), Andy Forsberg (18), Cory Eliason (3)

Top 24 in points
Meyers 446, Stewart 432, Hirst 424, Abreu 421, Crockett 412, P. McMahan 393, Stidham 379, Van Dam 379, Haudenschild 370, Pittman 362, Tarlton 351, DeCaires 347, Kinser 338, McCarl 333, Kaeding 332, Barnes 331, Croft 330, Scelzi 329, Tiner 325, Forsberg 318, Golobic 315, Larson 311, Eliason 271, Allard

Dave Pusateri with 2012 Trophy Cup Winner Jason Meyers
(Photo by Paul Trevino Race Photos)

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